Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Little Moments

Last night, my son completely melted my heart. The fact that he had spend a large portion of the day beating me in the head with a ravioli spoon was completely forgotten. We settled in to read a book before bed (Sammy Goes to Ocean City, New Jersey) just like we do every night, but he was just extra snuggly. I finished reading the first page and started to turn to the next page and that's when it happened, he leaned in for a kiss. Adorable. I got to the end of the next page and he leaned in again. He did this over and over until the book was done. I wished, of course, that I had chosen a longer book-like Gone With the Wind. But for the 15 or so pages, he just made my heart melt.
There are so many moments like this that he and I share. Sometimes I take it for granted. It's just a part of our day. But when I tell the stories to other people, I get a chance to step back and see how funny and sweet these moments are. He's a quirky kid! When we change his diapers, he wants to see what character is on the diaper. He loves when it's Elmo or Cookie Monster or Big Bird. He really would rather we not put him in the Ernie or Grover diapers. Why? Who knows! But it's very clear to me that he has a preference.
His newest word is "gotcha". Where did he learn it? Oh, not from Mommy who gives everything in the house a name and feels sometimes like she is a crazy person talking to herself all day. No, of course not. He learned "gotcha" from a talking fly swatter that he's been playing with. It's hysterical! He will go around the house saying, "gah-cha" to everything. He has no idea what it means, but I think he likes the way it sounds. The poor dog can't stand it!
I do think that my little boy is going to be a chef. His favorite thing to do is watch the "cooking show". No, not the Food Network. He likes to watch me cook. If I turn on the mixer, he starts yelling "ooh, ooh, ooh" from wherever he has been playing and he runs over to see what I'm making. He wants you to pick him up so he can watch what's being chopped, cooked, mixed or baked. The other night he didn't like what I made for dinner, so when he got down from his high chair, he went to get his play pots and pans and some play vegetables and he showed me what he really wanted for dinner. He is a riot.
So here I sit, waiting for him to wake up and wondering what adventure is in store for us today.