Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Very Special Tree

I finally got around to decorating my main Christmas tree today.

It might not be much to look at, especially if you're into designer or theme trees.  I have a few themed trees as well.  But this Christmas tree is special.  It has taken thirty five years of love, friendship, creativity, and life to create.  I consider my Christmas tree to be one of the greatest gifts ever given to me.  I have ornaments made by my Mom.  I have ornaments made by a very dear family friend, Bonnie.  The ornaments on my tree tell the story of my life.

There are a few ornaments on the tree from my "blue" period which wasn't much of a blue period at all.  No, it was more of a lazy period.  I made this ornament in nursery school and it is blue simply because I was too lazy to find another color.  When I lived at home, I tried to give my blue ornaments a place of honor on the front of the tree, but somehow they always found their way to the back of the tree.  You can be sure the blue ornaments are front and center now!

There are ornaments that tell the story of my past.  This is the Evans Critter-the mascot from the first elementary school I attended. 

There are ornaments documenting my hobbies both old,

and new.

There are ornaments for some of the best days of my life,

and for Christmas' I don't want to forget.

There are ornaments made by Bonnie.  This is the ornament she created this year and it is quite possibly my favorite.

There are ornaments made with love by my Mom.

There are my husband's ornaments, mostly Star Wars.

And there is an ornament so special that I save it for last and cry when I put it on the tree. 

I started collections of ornaments for both the boys already and I hope that one day when they decorate their Christmas trees in their own homes they have the same feeling of love and nostalgia.  What an incredible gift.