Thursday, June 13, 2013


A few weeks ago, after a wonderful dinner with some very sweet friends, my sister and her husband hung around and kept me company while I cleaned the kitchen.  My brother in law is nosy.  He is totally the guy who goes through people's medicine cabinets at a party.  So he decided to flip through (and read) my yearbook from my senior year.  Yes, my yearbooks are that accessible.  No, it is not on purpose.  I was 8 months pregnant when we moved in.  My husband unpacked all the books he could find and I still haven't gotten around to fixing up our bookshelves.  His yearbook WAS accessible...until the night my sister and his youngest sister found it and decided to read it.  It was the night I had Mamie.  As soon as he left the hospital, he put the yearbook up high enough that you need a ladder to get it.
It was funny to see my yearbook through my brother in law's eyes.  He teased us.  We tried to downplay our nerdiness.  And every time he saw a phone number he asked if so-and-so and I kept in touch.  It was just a great trip down memory lane.
In my yearbook, one of my friends wrote a note that has stayed with me all these years.

I don't really remember how we became friends but it must have been a really great day.

It is one of the nicest things a friend has ever said to me or about me.
I don't remember how I became friends with most of my friends.  It's as if each of them magically appeared in my life just when I needed them most.  And looking back, I am certain it must have been a really great day.  I am blessed.