Friday, August 7, 2009

Is It Just Me?

Alright,'s August, and where we are that means it's back to school time already. But it's hot outside and I'm still enjoying the summer. The tv ads, the Sunday newspaper ads-nothing but back to school. It's been in the 90's every day. It's too hot to think and it's really too hot to learn something new. But besides all that, I don't want everyone to be rushing my summer away. I'm still enjoying summer and it's weeks until the fall starts.
If I wasn't ready for back to school, I really wasn't ready for the Halloween costumes in the catalog that came in the mail on Monday. Ugh! I got suckered in. They're cute-really cute! I thought, it's never too early to get a good Halloween costume for the baby, right? WRONG! I love my son, but I am never going to spend $50 on a Halloween costume that he will forget he wore five minutes after he takes it off. I decided to forget about back to school being rushed and I tried to forget about Halloween being rushed, but then...
Last night I get an e-mail reminding me that it's almost time to book my appointment with Santa! That's right, Santa! Somebody please tell me that it really is August and that I'm not losing my mind!!!
The Santa thing is kind of a funny story about how little I know. After the baby was born, the last thing on my mind was a visit to see Santa. But as Christmas got closer and my confidence grew, I thought the Santa thing sounded like a good idea. I didn't want to take the baby to just any Santa though. No, for my baby it had to be the best, the real thing. I was going to take him to Phipps Plaza.
The first time I ever saw the Santa at Phipps, I got chills. When little kids picture Santa, this guy is it. He is absolutely beautiful. Once I got over seeing THE Santa, I got to see the kids waiting to see him in their beautiful Christmas clothes, with perfect little smiles. At that moment I knew, when I had kids, I wanted them to see the "real" Santa.
So one day, sometime in the beginning of December, I decided to look up the hours to see Santa. I find out that the appointments to see Santa are completely booked. WHAT? You heard me right, this Santa sees kids by appointment only and he was completely booked. Not only was he booked, he had been booked since the first week of October! Silly mommy, who knew? So last night, I got my reminder that the appointment website will open at 12:01 a.m. on October 7. Act fast or lose the opportunity to see Santa. Santa sees kids from November 7-December 24. He is that good.
For a minute, I have to admit, I thought about doing it. But I laughed at how crazy it was. I told my husband about the e-mail and he laughed as well. The baby's still so young, he said, wouldn't it be cute if your dad dressed as Santa and we took pictures with the two of them. And that's why I married this guy! That's perfect, I'm going to run it by my dad, but I think he'll love the idea. Much better than last year...we never did get to see Santa last year. We waited in line a few days before Christmas, but when Santa took a break for cookies and milk, I realized that we'd never make it long enough. The closest the baby got to a picture with Santa is when I put a Santa costume on the dog...
Oh, I think that's enough Christmas talk until at least Labor Day.

If you're interested in making an appointment with the "real" Santa, good luck! Here's the link:


  1. My parents always took the three of us to see the Santa at Phipps! He's the best! They always got the video of us sitting and talking on Santa's lap, so now during the holidays we can watch the video and see ourselves growing up. They started when I was about 3 and then a few years later my sister and brother came into the video. It's really fun to watch the guys should do that with Jackson.

  2. That's so sweet Jaklyn! I think that 3 would be a good age to start that tradition. He would be able to talk and probably wouldn't be scared...for now, I think I like the idea of Pop-Pop playing Santa. I bet your videos are adorable!!


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