Sunday, August 23, 2009

That's Gonna Hurt

I just noticed the first little kid hand print on our back door. It's so cute! I kind of don't want to clean it. I think I might just enjoy it for a little while. It's cute because he had to climb up the door a little to make the handprint. Just another sign that he's getting to be a big boy.
This has been a big week for him. On Thursday, he started to try climbing the couch. Not much success. He would pull up to his knees, but he couldn't get his feet uncrossed and he just kept falling down. Friday was a different story. How do their little minds work? Thursday, nothing but frustration. Friday, he pulls up on his knees and just pops right up. He thought it was AWESOME! Over and over again - sit down, stand up, sit down, stand up. He couldn't get enough of it!
So yesterday, he could not wait to show off his new skill for daddy. Daddy was just as excited as I was. We just watched our little guy with so much pride. Then the little guy got brave. He decided to climb the steps! So, in less than two days, he mastered standing AND he managed to pull himself up to the second step. Now instead of pride and excitement I am feeling nothing but fear! He's going to get hurt! This house is a death trap! I just want to bundle him up in bubble wrap and keep him safe...
But he's got to learn, right? I mean, of course I know that it's going to hurt when he bumps his head, but he's not going to take my word for it. He's got to bump his head to know. So, I am following him, holding my breath and I'm only intervining when absolutely necessary (for instance, I just can't let him come off the sofa head first). It's hard not to scoop him up and stop his exploration, but I'm trying.
Mommy's growing pains.

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