Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rainy Day

The baby and I are enjoying a good rainy day. He's extra sleepy this afternoon from all the dancing we did after lunch. I think I'm my happiest when he is laughing-especially when he's laughing at me. I'm a TERRIBLE dancer and at almost ten months, he understands this. So, we turn the music up and dance together. He laughs. I laugh. The dog runs away in fear.
I believe that the dog may need some therapy soon. Since the baby's been mobile, the dog is miserable. The baby is fascinated with the dog. He wants to do everything that the dog does. So, when the dog is eating and drinking, the baby crawls right up to him to check it out...He sticks his hand in the dogs water bowl and tries to steal the dog's food. The baby thinks it's hysterical, the dog-not so much. He looks at me with sad eyes and just plops down and sighs waiting for the baby to find something else to do. And the baby has also taken over the dog bed. It's big enough for the two of them to share, but the dog sulks and walks away when the baby crawls up next to them. I know, I probably shouldn't let the baby snuggle up on the dog bed, but it's cute. No harm, no foul! And now the baby is cruising which means walking isn't far behind. So, if anyone can recommend a doggy shrink, we will probably be looking into that soon.

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